Marty - Pain Management

I got Marty when he was 8 years old. He was a school horse who loved to jump, also known as the thigh-master! We had an fun jumping career and when he turned 18, we retired from jumping and focused on dressage. I've always done my best to keep him as comfortable as possible the older he gets. For years, I've had him on the best Smartpak supplements, legend shots, annual hock injections, Previcox, etc. Then, I discovered CBD for myself and couldn't believe how well it worked to relieve pain as an alternative to taking "aspirin". I started using the CBD rub on Marty's hocks and noticed a difference. Then, we discovered CBD horse pellets, I immediately tried it on Marty and within a few days,  I couldn't believe the results. Marty is much more supple and moves more freely. He is no longer on shots or Previcox and he feels fantastic.  In fact, I just spoke with my trainer, we agreed that Marty is moving better than ever, at the age of 26! We are thrilled with the results. We were excited to open Fur & Leaf so other animal lovers can benefit from CBD for their pets.

 - Shawna Peterson, Co-Founder

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