Case Study

Cooper's Case

PELLETS 🤩 •• •• •• •• •• •• •• Wow!! I absolutely LOVE this product. I won it in a giveaway they hosted. I will admit, I was iffy about it. Mostly because Cooper couldn’t even find relief while on bute-less so I thought, how could these help? But honestly these pellets have made Cooper the most comfortable he has been in a long time!! During the first video, he was only on MSM. At first I thought this was a lower leg injury but my farrier confirmed it was his arthritis flaring up. During the second video he was on MSM and bute-less. He seems more comfortable but still, he wasn’t “himself” ya’ know. Now in the third video he had only been on the pellets for FOUR days! He already seemed more comfortable and there was a definite improvement in his mood. The fourth video was one week into the supplement. He was a ball of energy that day. He did something he usually isn’t able to do, HE LOPED! I couldn’t believe my eyes. He loped and crow hopped all the way to his hay. The last two videos was from this morning. He was a ball of energy today as well. The very last video is my favorite and shows the best results in my opinion. He has never been able to “pivot” on his back leg like that. When he did his hip would lock up and give out from under him. Now he pivots, crow hops, trots, lopes, and kicks! Even though the last one isn’t exactly what I need him to do, I’m excited he feels good enough to do it haha! 😂 I’ll definitely try to buy more of this! •• •• •• •• •• •• QOTD- Do you see an improvement in Coopers walking?