CBD 2mg Dog Chews Trial Size 4pcs

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CBD is a compound derived from either hemp or its cousin marijuana and does NOT get your dog high. Recent studies indicate that CBD compounds can treat a variety of issues in dogs.


Like some humans, some dogs suffer from epilepsy, a disorder that causes seizures. Research from Colorado State University is evaluating the effectiveness of CBD in treating epilepsy in dogs, and evidence from dog owners indicates promising results (as well as with humans).


CBD has been shown to alleviate anxiety caused by travel, noises, separation, etc.


Dogs, like people, feel the negative effects of inflammation that cause discomfort and can limit mobility. CBD can reduce inflammation caused by diseases like arthritis and irritable bowel disease. 

Pain Relief

One aspect that’s pretty clear about CBD is that it affects pain receptors, making it an effective tool against pain. CBD has been used to treat pain in both humans and dogs and can be particularly effective against chronic pain caused by other illnesses.

While CBD isn’t a miracle cure, it can be an effective treatment for your pet for certain symptoms. Introduce it to your dog in small doses and monitor your pup closely when you give them a new supplement like CBD.