CBD Hemp Horse Pellets 1lb

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CBD cannabidiol horse pellets for inflammation, joint disease, pain, arthritis, gastric ulcers, and colic. Laminitis, or inflammation in the hoof, can cause intense pain for a horse, and CBD can suppress pain. CBD also helps with arena anxiety and boost horses' performance.

CBD, the non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant, is proving to help humans suffering from a variety of ailments. However, it can be just as beneficial to our favorite helpers—horses! Horses, whether they work or race, tend to have more health problems than other animals, and incorporating CBD (cannabidiol) into your horses' diet or applying topically can ease some of their sufferings. And no, it doesn’t get your horse “high”.

There is about 10 mg CBD per each gram of the pellets. The 1 lb bag will last about a month at 1 scoop am & 1 scoop pm. There is about 55 scoops in the bag and about 80mg CBD in a scoop. It will last about 2 weeks at 2 scoops twice a day.)



  • 150-500 lbs. ½-1 Scoops 2x Daily. (Total of 1-2 scoops per day.) The 1 lb bag will last 2 to 1 month)
  • 500-1200 lbs. 1-2 Scoops 2x Daily. (Total of 2-4 scoops per day.) The 1 lb bag will last 1 - 0.5 months)

Joint Disease

Our equine friends are particularly susceptible to joint disease, and studies indicate that CBD oil and hemp products like hemp seeds can help alleviate inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. You can incorporate CBD into your horse’s diet (and a diverse diet is best), or it can be applied topically in the form of oil, paste, or creams. Easing their pain and inflammation means more time with your horse and better and continued performance.

Digestive Disorders

Horses may also suffer from gastric problems such as gastric ulcers and colic. Gastric ulcers cause pain and can also affect appetite and appearance. The CBD compound may help encourage a stronger appetite and improved coat appearance. Colic is known to cause extreme stomach discomfort in horses, and CBD products can help ease some of that pain.


Besides joint diseases like arthritis, horses are also prone to inflammation in other parts of the body. Laminitis, or inflammation in the hoof, can cause intense pain for a horse, and CBD has been shown to suppress pain receptors to ease your horse’s pain.